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LED lighting is really popular these days. LED lighting is very economical as it has a limited power consumption and a very long lifespan. Moreover, LED lighting hardly heats up, is immune to vibrations and shocks and can handle it when you quickly switch it on and off. Another advantage is that LED lighting is often equipped with RGB colour blending which allows for colour transitions. On top of that, most LED lamps can be dimmed as well. LED lighting for conventional and decorative lighting consists of LED PARs, external LED spots/washes, LED bars and tubes and outdoor LED lighting. Intelligent LED lighting, like LED Scanner and LED Moving Head allow you to create complete light shows. You can create other special effects with LED Light Effect, LED Strobe Lights, LED Blinder and LED Panel. We also offer a wide range of LED installation lighting, including LED Strips and Recessed LED Spotlights/Flood Lights which are often powered by a special LED power supply/dimmer.

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