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Lighting fanatics, whether they're beginners or professionals, have plenty to choose from in our wide assortment of lighting and decoration equipment. Lighting and decoration can really add to the atmosphere of the music. If you simply want to light your stage, pub or office, you can use our range of conventional lighting, outdoor lighting or one of our ready-made lighting sets. With these, you'll create the desired atmosphere in no time, both inside and outside. Your average club or mobile DJ show also requires a variety of lighting effects, scanners, moving heads, lasers en stroboscopes. These devices add a layer of dynamics to any light show, making it much more complete. You could also try using effects machines such as a simple smoke machine, or maybe you'd prefer using a bubble machine or snow machine instead.

If you're looking to create just the right atmosphere in a lounge, discotheque, showroom or other public space, you could browse our collection of decorative effects, decorative plants, inflatables and other lighting. All of these products are controlled by light controllers, and can be used with dimmers and switch packs. Finally, we'd like to bring our wide range of LED lighting gear to your attention. After all, most lighting equipment uses LEDs nowadays. Our lamps category also features special LED lamps for your fixtures, so that you can consider switching to LED lighting the next time one of your traditional halogen lamps kicks the bucket.

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