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Lighting & Special Effects

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The right lighting goes a long way towards enhancing both the music and the atmosphere. At Bax Music, you'll find all of the disco lights you need for creating the right vibe in the venue, the pub or the club, but we also stock plenty of proper party lights for home-based set-ups.

Disco Lights: From Basic Sets to Powerful Light Effects

From basic lights to all-out effects, you'll find it all here. Spotlights, for instance, can be used to highlight people or objects, like the performing artist, a part of the stage or the DJ booth. Many spotlights are able to produce a variety of colours. On the other side of the spectrum, you've got light effects: more dynamic lights that blink, flash, spin, rotate or move and create a visual spectacle to enhance the music.

From Moving Heads to Strobes

Light effects are chiefly used to set the mood at parties, dances, celebrations and other festive occasions. Popular light effects include scanners, moving heads, lasers and strobes, all of which are considered dynamic lighting and help to get people moving and dancing. If you're looking for an easy to set up, complete light effect system, have a look at our range of Light Effect Sets.

Disco Lights For Kids, Pros and Casual Light Jockeys

Whether you're going for a basic lighting rig, a complete light effect set, a lone spotlight or a standalone effect, it can be worthwhile to add a smoke machine to your set-up to make the light beams more visible. From stage-ready fixtures to stands, trusses and cables, we've got everything to cater to every professional's wants and needs, but we've also created a separate range of children's disco lights: fun, simple and safe effects that are perfect for bedrooms and birthday parties.

Professional Mirror Balls and Disco Balls for Kids

Fitted with lots of tiny mirrors, disco balls have been incredibly popular ever since the seventies. Also known as mirror balls, you'll find them at themed parties and in many children's bedrooms. Strictly speaking, a disco ball isn't a light effect, but that doesn't stop it from being highly effective when combined with a pin spotlight.


As well as razor-sharp beams, a lot of lasers are equipped to project logos, words and sometimes complete sentences. With the right laser, you can even create animations by projecting sequences of images. Lasers are available in various forms and loaded with various features and adjustable settings. Since they're not exactly lights, they're part of our range of light effects.

LED Disco Lights

Thanks to their relatively low price, energy-efficiency and long lifespan, LED lights are by far the most commonly used bits of lighting gear today. LED-based effects offer easy colour mixing options (RGB, RGBW, RGBWA, etc) and are popular among beginners as well as professional light techs. LED bulbs mainly last as long as they do because of the fact they barely heat up.

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