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In our Lighting Effects department, you'll find all of the stage lighting extras that can be added to Basic Stage Lighting setups to create more spectacular shows. This usually involves lights that are not constantly active but are added at just the right moment to add a specific effect to a light show. You have classic effects like the Derby and Moonflower as well as scanners and lasers, all of which are capable of creating captivating and dynamic rays. You also have fixed effects, like flickering Strobes and Blinders, which bathe an audience in a sea of light just as the beat drops. Then you have the more smart and agile Moving Heads; multifunctional and intelligent lamps for impressive, synchronised light shows that can be used to replace more basic lighting when you want to quickly switch between settings. Finally, to make sure all that light is clearly visible and mesmerising, make sure to include a smoke machine. | newsletter