Apogee Groove USB headphone interface

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Apogee Groove USB headphone interface Product no.: 9000-0016-0244


If you own a laptop, netbook, PC or Mac, chances are you've listened to music on it and while it's great to be able to that the sound quality is not exactly what you would call great. That's because the DAC (or digital to analogue converter) found in the average device is not studio quality, something that most people don't seem to mind. You are not most people, though! If you want a top-quality audio signal then the Apogee Groove USB headphone interface/adapter is what you need. Simply connect this small device to your laptop, netbook, PC or Mac via USB and the Groove will deliver unprecedented sound quality right to your ears.

Properties of the Apogee Groove USB headphone interface

If the audio chip in your system is capable, the Apogee Groove can deliver a 24-bit, 192 kHz signal quality. In particular, if you listen to complex music like detailed orchestral music or screaming metal, you will appreciate what the Groove can do for you. It's not really surprising since Apogee's high-end studio equipment can be found in the best music studios around the world. Thanks to the Constant Current Drive you can even use headphones with different impedances. The Quad Sum DAC has no fewer than four digital-to-analogue converters per channel, giving it the best dynamic range with the lowest distortion in its class.

Warranty period
This product comes with a 3-year warranty.

Product features

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 180 gr
  • Dimensions (incl. packaging) 13.0 x 8.0 x 5.5 cm

Product specifications

  • headphone interface/amplifier
  • best signal quality in its class
  • substantial improvement compared to consumer products
  • connector: USB 2.0 (Mac or PC)
  • signal quality: up to 24 bits, 192 kHz
  • ESS Sabre DAC
  • Constant Current Drive: ultra-smooth frequency response for all headphones
  • Quad Sum DAC: 4 DACs per channel for the highest frequency range and lowest distortion
  • asynchronous clock
  • output level: max 225 mW (30 ohms)
  • multi-colour LEDs for status and level indication
  • USB-powered
  • volume and mute buttons
  • robust aluminium housing
  • made in the U.S.A.
  • dimensions: 95 x 30 x 16 mm
  • lightweight
  • colour: black


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Coming Soon: Sennheiser HD 650 and Apogee Groove Bundle!

Thursday 12 May 2016 by Lizanne Hennessey

Sennheiser and Apogee (a brand known for its extremely popular high-end audio interfaces for Mac and iOS) have joined forces. For those who consider pure audio quality the highest priority, these brands have come up with an attractive bundle that's nothing less than the best of both worlds. The HD 650 studio headphones feature an open construction for a broad, authentic stereo image that really brings your music to life. As well as Apogee Groove, this bundle also includes a USB DAC (digital-to-analogue-converter), the HD 650s' ultimate companion!


Package deal

Apogee Groove + Innox HS 01

Product no.: 9000-0018-1029
  • Apogee Groove USB headphone interface
  • Innox HS 01 headphone holder
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Apogee Groove + Devine PRO 2000

Product no.: 9000-0018-1030
  • Apogee Groove USB headphone interface
  • Devine PRO 2000 studio headphones
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Apogee Groove + 3.5 mm cable kit

Product no.: 9000-0018-1031
  • Apogee Groove USB headphone interface
  • IK Multimedia iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit
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