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The Sennheiser CL 100 is a cable that leads from XLR-3 female to a jack 3.5 mm stereo male. The cable is fit for the EK receivers out of the Evolution Wireless series by Sennheiser.
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In stock
Need a way to connect your guitar or bass to an Evolution Wireless or XSW bodypack transmitter? The Sennheiser CI 1 jack to mini-jack cable is it.
Delivery within approx. 13 workdays.
Approx. 13 business days
Looking for a way to connect your Sennheiser EK 100 receiver to the XLR input of a mixer or recorder? Look no further because the Sennheiser CL 100 stereo mini-jack to XLR cable is the purpose-made solution.
Delivery within approx. 14 workdays.
Approx. 14 business days