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Microphone Accessories & Parts

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Microphone Accessories & Parts information

From microphone stands, clips, shock mounts and boom poles to windshields, pop filters, XLR cables, preamps and cases, here at Bax Music, you'll find everything you need for your microphone - no matter your budget.

Microphone Stands, Clamps and Arms

Microphone Stands

A microphone stand is an indispensable accessory that not only helps you set up your microphone just right but allows you to keep your hands free. Microphone stands are available in various shapes and sizes, including small tabletop stands, floor-standing boom mic stands, straight stands and extra-tall overhead microphone stands. In other words, there's a mike stand for every situation.

Broadcast Microphone Stands for Studios

For anyone who uses a microphone at their desk, there's a separate range of microphone stands, namely broadcast microphone stands. These stands are effortless to secure to a desk or table and feature a boom arm that lets you place your microphone at exactly the right height so that it's never in the way of your keyboard and mouse. Some broadcast microphone stands also have an integrated XLR or USB cable.

Microphone Clips and Shock Mounts

Microphones are usually secured to microphone stands with a clip. That said, highly sensitive microphones such as condenser microphones will not just capture your voice, but also any unwanted vibrations passed on via the stand. This issue can be easily avoided by securing your microphone with a shock mount instead of a clip.

Boom Poles

A boom pole is basically a microphone stand without a base. Boom poles are frequently used at film and video shoots since they allow the sound technician to stand close to the actor or presenter and capture their voice without being in the shot. To prevent muscle fatigue, it's important that a boom pole is as lightweight as possible, which is why they're usually made of carbon fibre or aluminium.

Windshields, Pop Filters and Reflection Filters

Windshield or Pop Filter?

Wind is any microphone’s worst enemy, resulting in low-end noise or even distortion if left unconsidered. In more extreme situations, wind may even damage your microphone. To counter the little bursts of air created by 'P' and 'F' sounds during vocal recordings, studios use what's known as a pop filter, which blocks the 'wind' produced by the singer or speaker. If you're setting up to record outside, we recommend using a windshield instead since these actually counter wind coming from any direction. A foam-rubber windshield will do the trick as long as the wind isn't any more extreme than a light breeze. Get a faux-fur windshield if you're looking at windier conditions.

Reflection Filters

Other factors that could ruin your recordings are background noise and poor acoustics. For that reason, professional recording studios have sound-proofed booths and acoustically-treated recording rooms. If you're recording in a less optimised place like a kitchen or a bedroom, you can always reduce any background noise and reflections with the help of a reflection filter.

Other Essential Microphone Accessories