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If you want to make professional-sounding recordings, you'll need a studio microphone. In the studio, singers often use a condenser studio microphone that picks up enormous detail over the entire frequency range. A good alternative, however, is a ribbon microphone, that sounds warm and soft, even at high volume levels. For the studio technician on a budget, there's the USB microphone, which simply plugs directly into your PC or Mac, ideal for speech and vocal recordings on location.

When recording instruments, we recommend the pencil overhead microphone. It has a unidirectional pickup pattern, can handle a relatively high sound pressure and doesn't take up much room either. These overhead microphones are also commonly used for (stereo) amplification of a drum set or an entire band. For extremely directional recording, like for TV or film, then you'll want a directional shotgun microphone. For all the accessories you may need, have a look at our selection of cables mic stands, shock mounts, pop filters and windshields.

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