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Miscellaneous information

When you're composing a sound or lighting set, it might be worthwhile to have a look at our category with miscellaneous products. We have, for instance, many devices that work on batteries and SD cards/USB sticks. Many devices employ a fuse that provides overcurrent protection, which might need replacement at the most unexpected and inconvenient times.

Sound engineers and lighting technicians need gaffer tape, soldering tools, a multi-tool and a Maglite. Technicians, but also musicians, like to have a light on their mixer, rack, table, DJ booth or music stand. Here you can also find the products you need to maintain your equipment and musical instruments, like Maintenance Materials and components/spare parts.

Bax-shop also offer e-readers, crew and promotional apparel, catalogues by different brands and manufacturers and very useful educational books that deal with all kinds of musical en technical topics. And last but not least: as your hearing is the most valuable asset you have as a musician, we highly recommend protecting your ears.

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