Elation Platinum Beam 5R moving head

Elation Platinum Beam 5R moving head Product no.: A-BEAM5R Warranty period: This product comes with a 3-year warranty.


At large events, various types of moving heads are often used to allow for a bit of variety. That's precisely why Elation developed the Platinum Beam 5R. It has a beam angle of only 2.5 degrees, allowing for bright, thin beams. The Beam 5R can project over large distances, at events for instance.

Extreme ACL effect thanks to Beam design

Thanks to a beam angle of only 2.5 degrees, this moving head ensures a tight light beam. If you combine that with a powerful MSR Platinum 5R lamp, you can enjoy a sea of light. The Beam 5R ensures such a spectacular effect that it especially comes in handy for large events.

Functions from the Platinum series

Just like the other Platinum moving heads, this moving head has a touch screen, which allows you to easily adjust settings. It has the same chassis and stepper motors, so that fluid movements can be executed effortlessly!

In order to adjust the light beam, a colour and gobo wheel is provided, as well as a prism, frost effect and shutter. The gobos are even rotatable and replaceable. In short, the Beam 5R moving head is the ideal addition to any large production.


Product features

Power adapter ungrounded flat Europlug

Weight and dimensions including packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 16.0 kg

Product specifications

  • extreme ACL/beam moving head
  • Philips Platinum 5R MSR lamp
  • tight beam, only 2.5 degrees!
  • 12 dichroic colours
  • gobo wheel with 8 rotating gobos
  • gobos replaceable (14 mm total, 8mm visible)
  • 3-faceted rotating prism
  • frost effect
  • variable speed/shutter
  • mechanical dimmer: 0 - 100%
  • pan range: 540/630 degrees
  • tilt range: 265 degrees
  • 3 DMX modes: 11, 13 or 16 DMX channels
  • 3-pin and 5-pin XLR
  • 28.360 lux
  • dimensions: 358 x 335 x 467 mm
  • weight: 15.5 kg


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