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From Billy Eilish and Lizo to U2 and Coldplay, 'First 50 Pop Songs You Should Play on Bass' is a great songbook for beginners but also for more experienced bassists.
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Jon Liebman's 'Bass Aerobics' includes 52 exercises Liebman conceived exclusively for bassists. The various playing techniques and styles are extensively covered and come with access to 52 online audio workouts.
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The Real Book Multi-Tracks songbooks have been compiled for musicians who want to study styles like jazz, blues and funk. Vol. 5 Jazz Funk contains ten lead-sheets for C, Bb and Eb instruments and parts in the key of F - including multi-track accompaniments.
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Inside this comprehensive guide, bassists will find countless exercises to help warm up and hone their coordination, nail pentatonic scales, major and minor scales and arpeggios.
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The Electric Bass Method Complete Edition compiles all previously published Hal Leonard Bass Method lesson books into one all-encompassing edition aimed at anyone who's interested in learning how to play on bass.
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Bach's six Cello Suites not only sound great when the notes are brought to life with a bow, but can also be performed with a bass guitar with the help of 'Bach Cello Suites For Electric Bass'.
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Bassists interested in jazz will get a great deal from this book. It focusses on bass guitarists and double bassists who want to start playing walking basslines over jazz standards.
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Hal Leonard RealBook Multi-Tracks Volume 3 - All Blues covers ten famous blues tunes compiled for all instruments. The lead-sheets detail parts in C, Bb, Eb and the key of F, and come complete with multi-track backing tracks for a successful play-along experience.
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