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Musical Instruments For Children

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Children will always be captivated by musical instruments and therefore we stock musical instruments for children in all sorts and sizes. We even have created a separate children's music department in our web-shop. Perhaps you're looking for a basic and affordable instrument for your kid to experiment with or for his or her first music lessons. If your child likes it, you could always switch to a more 'mature' musical instrument later on.

Of course, your children don't have to have serious musical ambitions in order to express themselves musically. Bax Music also stock musical toys like pianos for toddlers, a children"s keyboard and a mini-drum kit for children. With these instruments, that could be great gifts, your children will enjoy themselves for hours on end. They also contribute to a child's musical development and they can inspire children to learn the playing technique of a 'real' musical instrument.

We also offer children"s guitars and violins for children which are a bit shorter than regular guitars and violins. They might be a wise choice for children under the age of 11 or 12, considering they would otherwise have to stretch their arm too far to reach the end of the neck of the guitar or violin. The sizes of these instruments are expressed in 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4, for instance. Of course our children's musical instruments are available in attractive colours and nice shapes. We have something for everyone!

Need some help deciding on an instrument for your child? Have a look at our Buyers Guide: How do I Choose the Right Musical Instrument for my Child?

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