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If you've been enchanted by the bewitching and versatile sound of a string instrument, you most likely have found a life-long passion. Although the roots of instruments like the ukulele, mandolin and banjo lie in musical genres such as blues, bluegrass, folk, and Americana, they have found their way into more popular music styles over the years. The guitarist in particular will know where to start and feel right at home here amongst the string instruments. You wouldn't be the first to develop a passion for the cello, upright bass or violin, and if you've only just discovered any of these string instruments, remember: it's never too late to learn how to play! Be sure to have a look at our selection of bags and cases, music stands, and any other accessories you may need. Don't forget to replace the strings every so often and always have an extra set handy if you should happen to break one. If you have a replacement on hand, you don't have to waste a moment of precious music-making time!


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