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Hiding amongst all the DJ gear and guitars, Bax Music also sell a massive range of wind instrument. From woodwind to brass, from melodicas to didgeridoos, all of it can be found here. We also have a diverse collection of harmonicas available, including blues harps, chromatic, tremolo, octave and miniature harmonicas as well as soprano to baritone recorders. You'll even find tin whistles, kazoos and an array of trumpets, clarinets, saxophones and accordions. Electronic versions of the above can even be found under wind controllers.

Besides the instruments, we also have all the accessories you'll ever need, including practice mutes (whether acoustic or electronic), to reduce the volume a little and avoid annoying the neighbours. Help to keep your wind instrument in the best shape possible by storing it on a stand, using specially developed cleaning kits, or find on-the-road protection in the accessories section of the brass and woodwind instrument category. If your saxophone or clarinet reed needs refreshing, we have those too. Also, check out our music stands and rests, our instrument microphones, clip-on wireless microphones made specifically for what you play, tuning equipments, metronomes and everything else that may lend a hand while you're busy honing your skills or performing. | Sale 50% korting