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A Bright Future with the MXR Carbon Copy Bright

The MXR M269SE Carbon Copy Bright is like a shining star on your pedal board. Thanks to its redesigned signal path, this stomp box produces an authentic analogue delay, but adds a healthy dose of clarity and sparkle to the mix.

Analogue delay with extra clarity

The MXR M269SE Carbon Copy Bright is a special new edition of the renowned M169 Carbon Copy delay pedal. The stomp box's main trump is its brightness - the name and acid green housing leave no doubt about that - but thanks to fully analogue bucket brigade technology, you still get the warmth of an authentic delay. Clever adjustments to the circuit give the pedal a wider frequency range, lending more clarity to its output and prolonging the echoes. A 600-millisecond delay time and optional modulation controls allow you to get creative with a wide range of sparkling sounds. Naturally, the Carbon Copy Bright is a true bypass effect. Made in the USA, this MRX pedal offers absolute quality.

Developed with passion

When effects guru Jeorge Tripps and engineer Bob Cedro get together, you know you'll end up with some pretty spectacular results. Spotted on many pedal boards since 2008, the MXR Carbon Copy is a popular analogue delay pedal. The stomp box's sound is quite dark, however, so to cater to musicians who prefer a little more clarity in their delay, MXR decided to develop a new pedal. They certainly took the task seriously - it took no fewer than four years to come up with the Carbon Copy Bright! Not a second of that time was wasted, though, as the stomp box more than exceeds expectations. This high-grade analogue delay pedal positively exudes the love and passion for music its creators put into it.

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