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A Fresh Sound With the Vintage Reissued V6P and V6H

For guitarists who are looking for an affordable electric guitar with a versatile sound, but that's just a little different from others, Vintage has added a few great options to their Reissued Series: the V6P and V6H.

Deluxe finish

The V6P and V6H are the latest additions to Vintage's already impressive line-up. Both models feature an ST style solid alder body, with a flamed maple veneer. To be exact, the V6HPFCB and V6PFCB come in a warm Flamed Cherry Burst finish, while the V6HHFTB and V6HFTB come in a more traditional Flamed Tobacco Burst. Both finishes combine excellently with the Pearl White pickguard, resulting in a classy look that you would not expect guitars in this price range to have.

Versatile sounds

Eagle-eyed readers may have already deduced that the letter in these guitars' names refer to the type of pickups that Vintage chose to use. As such, the V6P has three P90-pickups, giving this ST style guitar a bit more power and warmth. The V6H, meanwhile, features a humbucker at the bridge. Furthermore, both models are available with either a fixed bridge for extra sustain, or a vintage-style tremolo that allows for more expression. The bridge, the pickups and the tuners are all made by the reliable Wilkinson company.
Keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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