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A New Twist on Squier Affinity Guitars and Basses!

Squier knows better than to change a successful recipe, but they also know that adding a new ingredient can definitely spice things up a bit! That's why the Squier Affinity series is now available in a number of hip new colours.

Add more colour to your life

The Squier Affinity Series is a model example of how you can get plenty of value for your money. An alder body provides a good, balanced sound that makes the perfect jumping-off point for your musical journey. Both the Stratocaster and the Telecaster are now offered in a number of different dapper colours. You can choose from Race Red, Race Green, Competition Orange and the stylish Slick Silver. When it comes down to it, these Strats and Teles are eye-catchers with equally enticing price tags.

Let there be bass

Squier didn't forget about the bass players out there. If you love a punchy tone, then the Squier Affinity Jazz Bass is definitely worth your consideration; this model is available in Race Red and Slick Silver. If you'd prefer a Precision Bass with a more versatile sound, then you'll probably want to go for the new Squier Affinity PJ Bass. This model sets itself apart with its Race Red finish and sleek black pickguard. Whichever model you choose, you're sure to enjoy years of playing pleasure with your new Squier bass guitar.

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