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Ableton Push 2 - the New Generation Controllers for Live

Ableton's new-and-improved Ableton Push 2 is the latest new toy, literally, for the modern EDM producer with beautiful colour display, improved MPC buttons, an adjusted lay-out, and comes with a download license for Ableton Live 9 Intro! That's reason enough to start saving your money for the Ableton Push 2!

The concept

The Push 2 is a controller for Ableton Live software. Although you can operate this software with a mouse, it's not exactly tempting, to put it mildly. Over the years, there have been a number of Ableton controllers, and Push has been a strong competitor in that market. The Push 2 is a machine with which you can create intuitive beats for electronic dance music (EDM), for example. It's Ableton Live software in its core, but the Push 2 controls are designed in such a way that you don't actually need a mouse. Consider the benefit this will have for performances, because operating a laptop on stage doesn't exactly make a good impression on your audience.

What's new in the Push 2?

The MPC-style buttons have received a make-over, the backlit RGB LED pads feel a lot better and are more responsive. Compared to the first Push, the operating panel has been changed slightly; nothing major, but some buttons have been moved and some have been added. It's the result of feedback Ableton has received from their users over the years. The most remarkable improvement has to be the beautiful multi-colour display. In this day and age, displays are almost always in colour, so not integrating one simply wasn't an option.


Keep your Mac or PC (OS X or Windows) handy, you can get started right away! This product comes with an Ableton Live 9 Intro license (download), so after installation, you will have an entire music system at your fingertips with which you can create incredible EDM beats in a flash! Naturally, it includes a battery of samples, audio effects and MIDI effects, so you'll be ready to rock! Should you want the more extensive version of Ableton Live 9 in future, you can invest in an affordable upgrade to the Standard or Suite edition.

It wouldn't surprise us if the Push 2 becamse an enormous hit, not only because Ableton software is, and always was, incredibly popular. The Push 2 is also a great machine with seamless integration with Ableton software, inviting and inspiring you to make beats, beats, and more beats! You can choose between English, French or German documentation. What more could you possibly want?


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