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Ableton Push 2 - Trade-In Deal and Huge Discount

The Push 2 by Ableton is a remarkably comprehensive controller for Ableton Live! We've seen this machine in action - it can lay down a tight beat in no time! Mark our words: the Push 2 is going to be an important player in this world! Would you like to get one, but already own a first generation Push 1? By all means, keep reading!

Trade-In Deal

You could very well already be in possession of a first generation Push controller. If that's the case, you can sell it to someone, and finance a Push 2 in the process. Or better yet, you can trade your Push 1 in! Decades ago, it was quite common to trade in used instruments. These days, that doesn't happen very often, which makes this offer even more special! Most importantly, the Push 1 controllers will then be donated to schools! That means, you're not only getting a great deal, but you're supporting a good cause at the same time!

30% discount - how does it work?

  • You supply us with a complete working system, which consists of the Ableton Push 1 with original power adapter and USB cable. A working system also means the product is fully functioning.
  • This 30% discount only applies to the Ableton Push 2, not for any other Ableton products.
  • In order to see if your Push 1 meets our criteria, please get in touch with customer service.
  • Send an e-mail to customer-service@bax-shop.co.uk for further instructions.
  • When we have received and processed it, we'll send you an e-mail with further instructions.
  • Our product specialists will need to check the Push 1 to ensure it meets the guidelines of this offer.
  • Please be aware that this process may take some time. If your Push 1 does not meet the requirements, we will contact you.
  • Only completed return forms will be processed.
  • This offer is valid till May 1st, 2016. To qualify, your package needs to be delivered to us by April 30th, 2016 at the latest.

So, if you're interested in this trade-in deal, gather the cables together and make sure your Push 1 is in perfect working condition!  After that, you'll be able to get a great discount on a brand new Ableton Push 2!

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