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Acoustic Fender Paramount Guitars are Top-Notch

The name Paramount calls up all kinds of associations, from major record labels to concert halls to studios to mountain tops. From now on, it will also be associated with this new Fender electro-acoustic guitar in three models: the Dreadnought, Parlour and the Triple O. First and foremost, these guitars offer high quality at a great price, which sounds great - or are they too good to be true?

Peak performance

The three Fender Paramount models were designed in the former acoustic Custom Shop and built in China. Essentially, that means they are top-notch guitars that are produced at low cost to keep the price low as well. All three models come in a Standard and Deluxe version, the latter of which has a natural as well as a vintage-style Sunburst finish. During the development of these guitars, a lot of familiar elements have been borrowed from Fender's glory days, such as the 1970's bridge and head, the Kingman pickguard and tasteful details in the fret and body from the 1960's, and the 1940's logo. There's also room for modern-day technology, however, in the form of a specially-designed Fishman PM preamp that ensures that the sound of each model is reproduced as authentically as possible.

Fender Paramount PM-1 Dreadnought: rugged construction

The PM-1 dreadnoughts (the Standard Natural, Deluxe Natural and the Deluxe Sunburst) are equipped with all solid panels completely solid body, just like the other models. The Standard has mahogany sides and back, while the Deluxe is made of East-Indian rosewood. Both models have a sitka spruce top that, in combination with theireither a respective rosewood or ebony fretboard, provides a full, warm tone. Then, there is the very similar PM-3 Triple O model (also available in a Standard Natural, Deluxe Natural and Deluxe Sunburst finish). The main difference is the more curved cutaway body and C-shaped neck, which makes the very highest of the 20 frets accessible.

It's the little things in life

The other three guitars are the PM-2 Parlour models, also available in Standard Natural, Deluxe Natural and Deluxe Sunburst. These smaller models stand out from the rest with their intense, direct sound. In order to reproduce this sound as naturally as possible, the manufacturer has worked together with Fishman to create an entirely new PM preamplifier. Each model has its own custom-built Fishman preamp which enhances the unique sound of that particular guitar when amplified. It's integrated into the shoulder of the instrument in a minimalistic way which suits the overall look of these guitars.

Can't get enough of these gorgeous Fenders? Check out the product pages!

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