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Acoustica Presents Mixcraft 8

The programmers at Acoustica have been hard at work developing Mixcraft 8 and now it's here! Once again, this highly-affordable DAW software offers far more functionality than you'd expect for the price you pay.

Two versions

There are two different versions of Mixcraft 8 available. The standard version is simply called Mixcraft 8 whereas the professional version has been named Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio. While they're fundamentally the same program, the Pro version offers many more virtual instruments and effects. Mixcraft 8 has all the functionality you'd expect from a fully-fledged DAW. You can work with audio and MIDI files, record tracks, create musical scores and use virtual instruments and effects. Most other DAWs offer all this too, but what sets Mixcraft 8 apart is its ability to edit videos. This means you can combine music and video footage to make your own music videos and that's certainly not something you can do with every DAW.

Improved possibilities

Naturally, version 8 of Mixcraft has been improved. While there are small changes here and there, there are bigger changes too. The GUI, for instance, has been substantially improved and there's now support for VST3 and MP4 video as well. The routing is more flexible and allows side chaining which is handy when using compressors. The Performance Panel found in earlier versions has also been upgraded and now lets you play your clips in live allowing you to build clip-based music live. This functionality works extremely well with a product like Novation's Launchpad Mini Mk2 studio controller.

The Pro version

Mixcraft 8 Pro studio comes with Melodyne Essentials. With this software you can correct vocals so even if singing is not your strongest point or a vocal performance is not quite up to scratch that won't be a problem. iZoptope's Mastering Essentials is also included so that you can add the finishing touches to your mix. There are also a few extra virtual synthesizers including Mermorymoon and a virtual version of the classic Yamaha CS-80 that is well-known for its unique sound that was used in the Blade Runner film and by bands like Toto.

In short, Mixcraft 8 gives you all you need to set your musical creativity free. Keep an eye on the product pages for more information on prices and delivery times.

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