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Adam Reveals S Series Studio Monitors

If you're working on building up a studio, you're certainly allowed to daydream about the best possible gear once in a while. We're here to help and inspire you with this S series collection of studio monitors by Adam—who knows, it may very well become reality one day! The five brand-new gems include the S2V, S3V, S3H, S5V and the S5H.

Sublime and professional

Studio monitors are available in all kinds of price ranges, but the S series by Adam is aimed purely at professionals. Not only is the price tag impressive to say the least, you'll need a considerable amount of space for a set of these monitors. If you have the means to invest in any of these monitors, you can count on ultimate top quality. The smallest model, the S2V, is a nearfield with a 7-inch woofer that can get as low as 35 Hz . The largest of the series is the S5H, which is a sort of main monitor that can be installed into a studio wall. When it comes to performance, prepare to be blown away. They manage a frequency range of 24 Hz to 50 kHz. The high tones are delivered by means of a ribbon tweeter (that can be found in all five models) with great accuracy. From the deepest EDM music to the grandest cinema compositions; if you can imagine it, you can mix it on these Adam monitors. The other three models fall nicely in between these two as far as price and performance are concerned, so if you've got an unlimited budget, the choice is yours!

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