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ADE 2016: Bax Music Shows the Latest Gear

At the Amsterdam Dance Event Soundlab on October 20, 21 and 22, 2016, Bax Music will present some of the very latest gear, hot off the press! The ADE Soundlab is the place where producers, DJs and top brands come together. These three days of workshops and masterclasses will provide all you need to know about the newest releases, news, and gossip!


Over the years, the Amsterdam Dance Event has become one of the most important, trend-setting gatherings of the year when it comes to electronic music. Not only does it offer an interesting variety of activities every day in the form of conferences, workshops, and lectures, it also attracts more than 2,000 world-famous and up-and-coming DJs as well as about 400,000 visitors from around the globe.


A popular hotspot of the event will be the ADE Playground, where the newest gear and equipment won't only be on display, it'll also be set up to be tested! What's more, it's free to get in! Our specialists will be available all day long to tell you everything you want to know.

Acoustic advice

Do you dream about even better acoustics in your studio? This is your chance to find out more about it. The team at KB|MF Design will give you free specialised advice to help you create the most ideal monitoring environment in your (home) studio.
Bax Music invites you to check out—and try out—our gear on the spot at the ADE Playground. See you then!
Date: Thursday, October 20th to Saturday, October 22nd, 2016
Times: 12:00 to 7:00 PM
Location: De Brakke Grond, NES 45, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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