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Akai BT-500 Black: the Ultimate Turntable

The Akai BT-500 is a high-end Bluetooth turntable, and now, it comes in this stylish black edition!

Spinning vinyl in 2016 with the AKAI BT-500

Putting your favourite records on has never been more fun! Akai's BT-500 features an isolated DC motor that ensures noise from the platter and tone arm no longer influence the audio reproduction. What's more, now you can send the audio to your speakers using the integrated Bluetooth module—no more tangled cables! The BT-500 also has a built-in amplifier so you can hook it up directly to a set of active speakers. An added bonus is the USB port that allows you to digitise your record collection onto your Mac or PC as you listen to it. Want to listen to your favourite vinyl in silence? You can! The BT-500 even has a headphone jack.

Listen to your vinyl in Hi-Fi quality with the BT-500 turntable in classy black!

For more information about pricing and delivery times, keep an eye on the product page.

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