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Akai Launches Two New Bluetooth Controllers: the LPD8 and LPK25 Wireless

After they launched the LPD8 and the LPK25, Akai developed wireless versions of both these controllers, namely the AKAI LPD8 Wireless USB MIDI controller and the AKAI LPK25 Wireless USB MIDI keyboard. Both are equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy) interface, but you can also connect them to your Mac or PC via USB, which charges them at the same time. When operating them via Bluetooth, both controllers require 3 AA batteries.

LPD8 Wireless: better than ever

This wireless MIDI controller has everything you need to record your ideas while they're fresh in your mind. Combine it with an iPad or iPhone, and you've got a powerful setup that's lightweight and compact as well. The LPD8 offers a number of functions for controlling samples and even operating your favourite DAW. You can trigger program changes to use external functions or CC messages to browse through your patches, for instance. Another useful feature is the on-board arpeggiator that features various modes. In a nutshell, the LPD8 can do everything its predecessor could and more, but without all the cables!

LPK25 Wireless: new-and-improved

This extremely compact keyboard consists of 25 velocity-sensitive mini keys. If you want, you can easily expand this range with the Octave Up/Octave Down feature, which essentially gives you the use of a full-range keyboard. What's more, the backlit pads provide you with clear information for an enhanced workflow. Just like the LPD8, the LPK25 enables you to focus completely on what you do best, which is making music!

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