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Akai Present MPC Beats!

The world may have slowed down a bit as of late, but that didn't stop the developers over at Akai from creating something to tickle your studio monitors with! After all, the show must go on! Read on to find out what Akai have come up with to keep the music alive.

Akai MPC Beats

These days, most manufacturers include a piece of DAW software with their hardware. Since the best software is usually worth the customer's attention, this is how the game is played. Far from their first release ever, Akai now introduce bonus software in the form of MPC Beats. As the name carefully suggests, the software has everything to do with the famous beat-machine of old (and new) and, best of all, it's free! Naturally, MPC Beats also comes included with Akai's MPD, MPK, APC, LPD and LPK Series products. Enough small talk, it's time to download and mix!

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