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Akai Presents MPC Live & MPC X Standalone Workstations

Following in the footsteps of the immensely popular MPC Touch, Akai proudly presents the new MPC Live and the MPC X workstations. Both are fully independently-functioning music production consoles, each with a multi-touch display measuring 7 inches and 10.1 inches respectively.

MPC X: mobile solutions

The developers at Akai know how important it is for artists and producers to be able to record and create whenever, and wherever inspiration should happen to strike. This is apparent in everything their new MPC X has to offer. It's a standalone music production system with all the inputs and outputs you could possibly need, and is powered by means of a rechargeable battery. The highly-praised MPC Software is now fully integrated in the MPC live and has even received a recent update (version 2.0). Not only can you use the system in standalone mode, the software can also be used with your preferred DAW as a plugin. Your attention will be indisputably drawn towards the beautiful 10.1-inch colour display, which you can use when operating the console with your tablet or smartphone. This device offers an intuitive, fast, user-friendly way to create music whenever, wherever you want.

MPC Live: affordable all-rounder

The MPC Live has the same functions as the MPC X, only it has a 7-inch colour display. It boasts everything you need to create beats in a flash, and offers you ultimate control over all the 'ins and outs'. Compared to the brand's flagship model, the MPC X, this Live version has fewer connection options. However, both devices have the same 1.8 quad-core processor with 2GB RAM that ensures all processes are distributed equally over the four processor cores. No matter which version you choose, one thing is clear: Akai's MPC series offers an unparalleled user experience!

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