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Akai Presents the New MPD Series

Look at the ratings for products like the Akai MPD32, MPD26 and MPD18, and you'll see stars in abundance. There's a simple reason for that - they are high-quality devices that deliver the goods! However, that didn't stop Akai from serving up a new line of MPDs: the MPD232, the MPD226 and the MPD218.

Back in the day, it all started with Akai's MPCs. These tabletop MIDI Production Centers with pads became an instant success with the ever increasing community of beat makers. Later on, they largely evolved into controllers - MPC now being short for Music Production Controller - as computers took over the role of sound generator. After gathering feedback from customers for six years, Akai finally had all the information they needed to make their MPCs even better. This new series - we might call it the MkII version - is the excellent result.

The MPD232 and the MPD226

As the largest controllers of the series, the MPD232 and MPD226 provide the most professional solution for your music production needs. Sixteen comfortable drum pads and a number of additional controls allow you to operate your DAW. The MPD232 features twice as many controls as the MPD226, but has a slightly higher price tag. You can probably decide best whether that makes the extra investment worthwhile for you.

The MPD218

This pad controller is slightly smaller than the other two new MPDs, which makes it an excellent choice for beat makers and producers who already own a controller and have no need for extra faders and knobs. Additionally, the MPD218 is fully USB-powered, so it's perfect for mobile applications. Pack the MPD218 and your laptop in a backpack, and you can let those beats flow freely wherever you are.

To get you off to a flying start, these MPD controllers come with a nice selection of software, including Ableton Live Lite, which would usually cost you a considerable amount of pounds. Of course, that leaves us with one vital question: how would you rate this new series of MPDs? Be sure to let us know!

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