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Akai VIP 2.0 for Advance Keyboards

Remember during the 2015 NAMM show, when Akai introduced three impressive Akai Advance USB/MIDI keyboards? These products truly usher in a new age where software seems to be gradually leaning towards hardware. The corresponding software is now available in version 2.0, and we're happy to give you an impression of what it can do.

VIP 2.0

VIP, which is short for Virtual Instrument Player, has undergone some significant improvements. Using this plugin, you can host VSTs on your PC or Mac, thus creating an interface that coincides with your Advance keyboard. This means you'll still need a laptop or computer while performing on stage, but you can keep it in a less prominent place, as the Akai Advance allows you to control all the relevant parameters.


You could already browse through your virtual instruments with the Advance, and now with version 2.0, you can do the same with your virtual effects. So if you can't see the forest for the trees in your collection of reverbs, VIP 2.0 will show you the way. What's more, this system allows you to try them all out.

You probably enjoy putting certain effects after one another; what's better than a diffused reverb trailing through a colourful phaser, after all? That's just an example, of course, but the idea is that countless configurations are possible with the effects at your disposal. When you create a configuration you like, store it in your very own preset list for future use.

Comprehensive multi-mixer

The multi-mixer is also at your disposal for other new functions including insert effects, effect sends, bus tracks, and even a master channel strip. Because big mixes require a lot of space on screen, the multi-mixer is collapsible for use on smaller screens.

Custom Control mode

This function makes it possible to map the parameters of the mixer, VST instruments and effects, CCs, and much more to the Akai Advance or any VIP-enabled device, for that matter. This is especially handy both in the studio and live on stage.

That wraps up all the version 2.0 updates. As you can see, this new version of VIP is worth the investment and offers tons of fun in the studio or on stage!

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