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AKG K182 Headphones - Affordable and Versatile

In case you didn't know, AKG offers an entire range of headphones with their K series, which includes affordable as well as more professional sets. The newest addition to the series is the AKG K182, a real affordable all-rounder.

Jack of all trades

These headphones make a great gift because you don't need to know what the recipient will specifically use them for. After all, the K182s are great for just listening to tunes on a rainy day in your living room, as well as for e-drums or keyboard monitoring, for instance. Thanks to a mini jack connector (with a jack adapter), you can plug them into your high-end gear just as easily as your mobile devices.

Due to replaceable ear pads and removable cable, these headphones have a long lifespan as well. In short, the AKG K182s will provide you with years of listening enjoyment at a downright neighbourly price! We expect the AKG K182 headphones to hit the shelves around April, 2016.

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