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Alesis Presents Two CompactKit Electronic Drum Kits

Since 1985, Alesis has been taking the market by storm with their innovative products. Now, they've added two new electronic drum kits to their already impressive line-up: the CompactKit 4 and the CompactKit 7. These two tabletop drum kits are very compact indeed, but harbour a surprising amount of different sounds.

For beginners

The CompactKit 4 is made for beginner drummers. 80 different sounds can be assigned to any of the four velocity-sensitive pads. A number of coaching and play-along features help you learn how to play perfectly in time. Furthermore, the indicator LEDs that show you which pad to hit and the built-in game function make playing and learning more fun than ever.

A complete kit

The CompactKit 7, meanwhile, is a slightly bigger model. It will still fit on your table top, but it also comes with two pedals for playing the hi-hat and bass drum. Moreover, it has 265 sounds, as well as 45 pre-programmed drum kits and 100 play-along tracks. It's not just beginner drummers that will appreciate this compact kit, even producers, DJs and other musicians will find plenty to like. That's because it has a recording function and a USB-MIDI output, so that you can connect it to a DAW or virtual instrument.

Keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.


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