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Alesis Sample Pad 4 - Ideal for Ensembles

Let's be honest; a large drum is great to look at, but it's also cumbersome and quite expensive. The same goes for a number of other instruments. Beautiful as they are to behold, not all musical instruments are equally manageable. Fortunately, Alesis offers a practical alternative with their Sample Pad 4.


If you're a touring percussionist, performing on outdoor stages, the Alesis Sample Pad 4 is a great solution. You can program its four pads yourself, using either the device's built-in sounds or your own samples. That's right, with the help of a small SD card (SDHC), you can open all kinds of creative doors. Choose that timpani you love so much, for instance, or the large bass drum from that expensive sample library. Large, heavy instruments are reduced to bits and bytes, ready to take with you on the road.

Are you tired of lugging around flight cases full of percussion instruments? Would you rather not waste any more time setting up the right mics and amplification gear for your drums? This digital alternative might be just the thing you need!


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