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Alesis VX49: One MIDI Controller to Rule Them All

Paraphrasing the famous quote above from the Lord of the Rings trilogy might just be the best way to explain the Alesis VX49 USB MIDI controller. With this keyboard, you can easily control and even combine plugins from different programs. The result is endless sound possibilities at your disposal. Read on to get to know this wizard better.


This MIDI keyboard from Alesis features Virtual Instrument Player software that allows you to control all of your plugins in one place. This gives you a clear overview that is much easier to work with, especially as it's displayed on a 4.3-inch, high-resolution colour screen, right above the controller's 49 piano keys. You can also navigate directly from the VX49 so you'll always find the right sound. Adjustments can be made in real-time too, using eight knobs.

Alesis VX49: a full-blown MIDI controller

The keyboard comes with eight different software programs delivered as standard, so that you can get started right away. With the included USB cable, you can connect the Alesis to your computer. MIDI inputs and outputs can be used to connect a synthesizer and a sustain or expression pedal can be connected via the dedicated jack inputs. It's also possible to write tracks directly on the VX49, of course. Eight drum pads let you lay down a fat beat that you can build on top of layer by layer. The only question that now remains is, are you going to be the one to rule them all?

Check out the product page for details on availability and pricing.

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