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Allen & Heath Announce the Newest Addition to the ZED Family

Mixing console manufacturers Allen & Heath recently unveiled their compact ZED series of mini mixers, and now, we are pleased to hear they have expanded it to include with two new models, the ZEDi-10 and the slightly larger ZEDi-10FX. Both consoles are equipped with four mono and two stereo channels, and can also be used as an audio interface thanks to a USB input. It won't be long before you can try them out!

All in the family

Both of these Allen & Heath mixers are built upon the same principle as the rest of the ZED series: they are compact, built to last, and have a wide variety of possibilities. Each one is equipped with four mono and two stereo inputs, RCA, UAX and FX inputs and a headphone connector. The USB port makes it easy to transfer recordings from the mixer to your PC or iPad for editing with the included Cubase LE software. Thanks to the ingenious internal GSPre preamplifier, you can connect studio mics and guitars directly into the ZED without the need for a DI box and record over the first four mono channels.

ZEDi-10FX: the first born

At first sight, these two ZED mixers look equally impressive, but of course the larger model has a few extra features that sets it apart from its younger brother, so to speak. The ZEDi-10FX has a wide array of built-in effects, ranging from reverb to delay to chorus to flanger. You can adjust these effects per channel or use them in the total mix. Naturally,the ZEDi-10 does not prevent you from using effects, but it doesn't include any. In any case, each channel allows you to adjust the lows, mids and highs, as well as gain, balance, AUX inputs, and of course, the master volume level.

Want to know more about the newest members of Allen & Heath's ZED family? Keep an eye on our product pages for information on prices and delivery times.

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