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Alpine Partyplug Pro Natural Earplugs: For Music Lovers

Alpine Partyplug earplugs have been popular for some time now, but don't take our word for it - this conclusion is made by consumer tests year after year. Everyone knows you should keep your ears safe at pop concerts and festivals but some people still attend unprotected! That's why Alpine have developed the Partyplug Pro Natural earplugs especially for festival and concert-goers, bar/club personnel and musicians.

Turn it down

Noise is made up of a bunch of different frequencies, some of which can be damaging to your ears. Good hearing protection is engineered to filter out these 'bad' frequencies., only the problem is that many also filter out the part of the music you do want to hear as well! Audio distortion is an important reason why people don't wear hearing protection, as they want to hear the music loudly and clearly. The Partyplug Pro Natural earplugs are equipped with a filter that brings all frequencies down to a safe level without any audio distortion; it's simply as if someone turned down the music. The clarity you need to carry on a conversation isn't altered in any way, which is why these are perfect for use in bars and clubs. These earplugs are virtually invisible and are comfortable to wear. The material used to make them does not contain silicone, making it suitable for sensitive skin.


Alpine have included a little storage pouch with these earplugs that can be attached to your keychain so you'll always have them on hand, even in unexpected situations. They also come with an elastic cord so you can wear them around your neck. Good earplugs need to be maintained well, so Alpine have also included some Clean Spray.

Keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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