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Alto Pro Presents TS2 Series PA Speakers

PA enthusiasts who may already be familiar with Alto Pro's Truesonic TS1 active speakers will be thrilled to discover the new TS2 line, consisting of the 10-inch TS210, 12-inch TS212 and the 15-inch TS215. These reliable speakers combine power with great audio quality and are offered at an unbeatable price.


These brand-new Truesonic speakers are active - equipped with an internal amplifier - just as all the existing TS1s. On the rear, you'll find two microphone connectors, as well as two line inputs for hooking up an external audio player, a keyboard, or a mixer, for instance. You can even link two TS2s together via XLR.


The TS210, TS212 and TS215 all have an RMS power capacity of 550 watts and a ceiling peak of 1100 watts. That's an increase of 150 and 300 watts respectively compared to the TS1 models, which is an important improvement when you consider these speakers can be turned up even louder than their predecessors without distorting. What's more, they're lightweight and easy to transport. In fact, their appearance has also been revamped so they look sleek and modern.


These Alto Pro speakers offer a variety of practical extra features, including an EQ contour switch to enhance the low and high tones, or to create a more even sound if you plan to play tracks at high volume levels. They also have a ground-lift switch, volume controls for both inputs, and various built-in safeties (against clipping and overheating, for instance.) To top it all off, they're equipped with handles, a 35mm stand adapter and M10 suspension points.

10, 12 or 15-inch

All in all, these attractive PA speakers can easily fill an average-sized room with sound. When amplifying speech and some music now and then, the TS210 is a great choice. For a more complete sound and extra low tones, the TS212 is suitable, while the TS215 is what you want for extra deep bass reproduction. Augment these speakers with one or two subwoofers, like the Alto Pro TSSUB12, TSSUB15 or TSSUB18 for even more power.

Keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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