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Alto Pro Unveils Compact PA System

If you're a singer-songwriter, a member of an acoustic combo, or want to give a presentation in a modest venue, then you don't need a full-fledged, extensive PA system. Alto Pro offers an affordable, reliable system that's easy to use called the Alto Pro MixPack 10.


The MixPack 10 consists of two speakers with 10" woofers and a mixer. During transport, simply attach the mixer to the rear of one of the speakers, and store cables and other accessories in a compartment in the other. With four mono channels (XLR / jack) and two stereo channels (jack and RCA), the MixPack 10 can accommodate four microphones, for instance, and two stereo devices, like a keyboard and an audio player. Instead of microphones, you can also connect other devices with a line output, or a (bass) guitar with a DI box to the mono channels.

Monitor, EQ and reverb

The MixPack 10 has loads of handy features, including monitor outputs for connecting floor monitors, which are essential for hearing yourself on stage. Create a spacious sound using the built-in reverb, and add colour to it with the 2-band EQ on each channel, and contour EQ buttons for optimising either speech or music. All in all, this PA system is accessible and complete! Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.


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