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American DJ are releasing two new Flat Pars!

These two Flat Pars, the QA12XS and the QWH12XS by American DJ are nearly identical. They feature the same dimensions, power consumption and functions! The difference can be found in the fourth colour that's been added to the fixtures' range. In the case of the QA12XS this is Amber, while the QWH12XS features White.


The two Flat Pars offer an impressive number of options. They can, for instance, be operated via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 DMX channels. An extensive automatic mode is provided, which allows the unit to go through programs, slowly fade colours, produce one fixed colour, and a Master/Slave function is also provided. The latter lets you link multiple units, which can then go through their show in synchronicity. You won't lack any options with the Flat Pars by American DJ!


An IEC link output on the fixtures allows you to daisy chain power to multiple units, so that you don't have to use giant jumbles of cabling. American DJ have fitted the IEC connectors and DMX connectors on the side of the fixture, so that you can easily put it on the floor for uplighting truss constructions, for instance.

The double bracket allows for handy suspension, as well as for positioning it on the floor, without the need for extra brackets. Don't you have the time to run a DMX cable? Not to worry, American DJ have got you covered, as both Flat Pars can be operated with the LED RC2 infrared remote control by American DJ. You'll enjoy full control over your lighting, without requiring long cables and a light console.

Keep an eye on the product pages for actual delivery times and pricing.
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