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American DJ Par Z4 - From Wash to Spotlight

It's October, which means the days are growing shorter and the temperature is getting lower. Garden parties are making way for indoor parties. American DJ introduces the LED Par Z4, a very special spotlight that provides the perfect lighting for your party.

It may look modest in size, but its performance deserves a place 'in the spotlight'. The Z4 is comprised of four LED lights that you can operate with a DMX controller using 4, 6, 8, or 9 faders, depending on the selected mode. Adjust the zoom, otherwise known as the dispersion angle, on the lamp itself. You can decide whether you want a tight beam on a stage performer or a gentle wash over the entire stage.

Easy to use

The Z4 is also very practical. You can easily daisy chain the DMX signal, seeing as the Z4 has XLR inputs and outputs. This also goes for the power supply - each light has its own IEC input and output. As soon as you link a network of these spotlights together, you'll find out just how easy it is to do so; a single DMX cable to the controller and a single power cable to the power divider, and voilà!

Red, green, blue, white - this light has every colour imaginable! This is a great little light especially in smaller venues like pubs with low ceilings and clubs.

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