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An Extension of Yourself: the Flexible NVII by Numark

Each time you spin, the NVII DJ Controller will recognise you, becoming more and more of an extension of yourself. This successor to the Numark NV has touch-capacitive jog wheels that adapt themselves to your spinning style, so you can make the most out of yourself and your gear. What's more, searching and loading tracks has never been easier.

Identical twins

At first sight, Numark's newest gem, the NVII, doesn't look that much different from its predecessor. Compared to the NV DJ controller, it's pretty much an identical twin. That's exactly what makes this device so familiar—its two big, 5-inch jog wheels, two 4.3” full-colour displays, 16 touch-sensitive trigger pads, and a 4-channel mixer are the same as the previous model. The most significant changes have taken place under the bonnet. The platters are touch-sensitive, which isn't exactly ground-breaking, but in the new Numark NVII, they actually remember your touch. This enables them to adapt themselves to your own style—an internal memory records how fast or how slow, how subtle or how aggressive you use those jog wheels, resulting in an even better performance every time.

Focus on the party

Navigate through your tracks with ease with the NVII. You can organise your music library according to artist, album, song, BPM, or key, so you can quickly find and select the right music in a flash. Swapping decks is as easy as pressing the Deck button to switch, and the large Browse button to load. It couldn't be easier! Now, you can get started adjust your effects, cues, rolls, loops, samples, and slices to perfection using the mixer. Thanks to an RCA input, you can hook up an external media player or connect it to your laptop. Naturally, it works seamlessly with the included Serato DJ.

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