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Announcing: Numark DJ Monitor Speakers with LED Light Effects

Numark has just announced the arrival of the N-Wave 580Ldesktop monitor speakers! This is a very unique set of monitors with adjustable LED light effects, ideal as an addition to your home DJ setup.

Numark N-Wave 580L: desktop monitors with LED light effects

The new Numark N-Wave 580L is a monitor system that combines great sound with a relatively compact size so you can place these near-field speakers right on your desk. What makes this system so unique is the LED light effects on the woofer and tweeter, which consists of three modes: Pulsate, Slow Cycle and Off. Adjust the volume of the speakers with the knob on the front panel. Furthermore, they are equipped with a 1-inch tweeter and a 5.25-inch woofer. They also include an on-board amplifier that delivers 40 watts of dynamic power in the form of an impressive, clear sound.

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