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Antelope Audio 10MX Atomic Clock Word Clock Generator

Some products feature characteristics of astronomic proportions; their mere numbers are so gigantic, they're hard to comprehend for the human brain. Take the 10MX Atomic Clock word clock generator, for instance, which was recently announced by Antelope Audio. Its performance is virtually out of this world!

For those who aren't familiar with the word clock concept, here's a short introduction. If you want to digitise analogue signals and/or convert digital signals into analogue signals (like the line-in and line-out of a sound card, for instance), you'll need a pulse. Compare it to a heartbeat! This pulse has to be as accurate as possible, as any deviation leads to disruptions in your audio signal. Minuscule as these deviations may be, professional engineers would rather do without them.

The 10MX

Tons of money are often spent on high-end studio monitors and working spaces with good acoustic properties, but the vital pulse of a word clock is frequently overlooked. Fortunately, that's were the Antelope Audio 10MX comes in, with a pulse that's so accurate that over the span of five billion years, it would only cause a deviation of a single second. For reference, our planet is estimated to be 'only' 4.6 billion years old right now. The 10MX is not just exceptionally accurate, it's also incredibly fast. You're probably used to the 44.1 kHz of an audio CD, or even the 192 kHz of high-end equipment. Atomic technology easily tops that, however; the 10MX's four word clock outputs allow for an impressive sampling rate of 768kHz.


Despite its remarkable power, the 10MX features an elegant housing that only takes up a single space in your 19" rack. Its front panel has a sleek, minimalist look, but its back panel provides you with all the connectors you need (BNC, AES/EBU, S/PDIF, word clock, USB). The USB port even allows you to adjust your PC or Mac, and to perform firmware upgrades when necessary.

Would you benefit from the Antelope Audio 10MX? If you're a top-notch recording engineer, mixing engineer or mastering engineer, you basically can't do without a device like this. Do you own a state-of-the-art studio with nothing but the best equipment? In that case, your gear is not really complete without it. If the shoe fits, you know what you have to do...