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Antelope Audio: Goliath HD and Orion Studio 2017 Coming Soon!

Last year, high-end audio pioneers Antelope Audio presented their flagship, the Goliath audio interface. Now, a year later, they've announced the imminent release of its successor, the Goliath HD! According to Antelope Audio themselves, "The best just got better… again!" The same goes for the revamped version of the popular Orion Studio audio interface, the Orion Studio Rev. 2017.

Goliath HD: a giant among audio interfaces

The first thing you'll notice about the enhanced exterior of the Goliath is its carbon-grey finish. Under the bonnet, its received a number of upgrades, including new Accusonic preamps, improved ESS chips, and the ability to facilitate a seamless integration with Pro Tools HD. The Goliath HD now features an HDX port and HDX Delay Compensation, resulting in the reception of an even more accurate signal in Pro Tools HD.

Orion Studio Rev. 2017

Antelope Audio have also given their Orion Studio a facelift, and now that it's sporting the same carbon-grey housing as the Goliath, it's never looked this good! The Rev. 2017 features new AD converters for a dynamic range of 124 dB. The FPGA engine has also been given an upgrade, and so has the Goliath HD, incidentally. There are five new, accurate modelled vintage compressors, and now you can combine effects and guitar amp and cabinet combinations with the routing and save them as presets. This is not a new function, but now you can choose to only save certain segments and then load them as a template into a new session or share them with other Antelope Audio users!

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