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Antelope Audio: Hardware Effects are Standard Issue

Antelope Audio, pioneers in clocking technology and high-end studio gear, offer impressive effects bundles with their products. We'd like to remind you just how impressive those bundles are. When you purchase Antelope Audio Orion Studio, Zen Tour or the flagship of audio interfaces, the Goliath, you'll get one heck of a software package included. While Antelope Audio aren't the only audio interface manufacturers on the market, what sets them apart from the rest is the fact that their effects are hardware-driven by a Field Programmable Gate Array, a.k.a FPGA, chip. This technology goes one step further than DSP.

The feel of real hardware

FPGA is remarkably suitable for stacking effects and routing signals. That means you can transfer four different monitor mixes, including effects, via a single interface. What's more, all this takes place inside the interface itself! Extra processing power or speed augmented by your PC or laptop is completely unnecessary, which means you'll have more capacity left over for more useful processes. The main advantage is that it works fast and directly, enabling you to work with tangible hardware instead of abstract digital plugins.

Professional effects and amp modelling

The above-mentioned products include the following integrated effects: AuraVerb, a varied reverb that adds colour and saturation using a specially-developed algorithm, a parametric 5-band EQ, a compressor, and a bundle called Vintage FX. This last effect consists of three different amplifier modulations including Top 30, a British retro sound, Darkface, a well-known sixties amp sound, and Modern, a realistic representation of an amplifier by a famous American manufacturer. Besides that, EQ Legends effects are also available. These consist of a sixties EQ emulation called VEQ-1A, a passive EQ and the VMEQ-5, an EQ that effectively boosts mid-tones. And finally, there is a second bundle that comprises only amplifier speakers. In this collection, you'll have the sound of the classic Plexi 59, the Rock 75, and the '80s Rock 22.10 cab emulator at your disposal. There are two more EQs available in this bundle, namely the VEQ-55A parametric equalizer for drums and guitar and the BAW 1073 EQ, which was the quintessential sound of the golden age of music in the '70s and '80s.

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