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Antelope Audio Introduces Orion32+ Converter and Orion Studio Interface

Antelope Audio unveils the Orion32+, the result of building even further on the legendary Orion32 platform. This means the Orion32+ will allow you to achieve everything you could with the Orion32, and more! The complete Orion Studio is a highly professional audio interface that belongs to Antelope's second generation Thunderbolt audio interfaces, and offers MADI and USB support.

Outstanding AD/DA converter

The Orion32+ offers everything the Orion32 does, and more. For starters, you'll find Thunderbolt and USB support for extremely fast data processing on both Mac and Windows platforms, and a powerful DSP that has been optimised to work with high-quality integrated effects like EQ, compressor and reverb. At the same time, the Orion32+ supports MADI as well, for a seamless integration with other interfaces. What's more, a hardware-grade reverb known as AuroVerb has been added. The conversion chip in the Orion32+ is eight times faster than any other audio interface on the market. Antelope's Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter-management technology ensures that the signal is converted precisely and that syncing the Orion Studio with other interfaces happens with total accuracy.

Second generation Thunderbolt audio interface

With this second edition Thunderbolt audio interface, Antelope offers an impressive device that features 12 excellent class-A microphone preamplifiers. Its incredible AD/DA converter is based on the same technology as the Orion32, so it goes without saying that you can expect a conversion of the very highest-quality. Its zero-latency mixers with internal DSP effects confirm the Orion Studio belongs in the modern studio. You can create up to four independent mixes and send them to all the outputs, including the two headphone and monitor outputs. To top it all off, you can save your favourite mix and recording preferences as presets for use in future projects.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing!


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