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Antelope Audio Launches Zen Studio+

After the triumphant success of the Zen Studio audio interface, Antelope Audio has now launched its successor, the Zen Studio+. As well as an alternative housing, this device has a number of other upgrades that makes it even better than the original.

Thunderbolt interface

Not only is the Zen Studio+ equipped with USB functionality, it fully supports Thunderbolt as well! This means even more flexibility that engineers and (session)musicians alike are sure to appreciate. In fact, you'll find both these options on just about all Antelope Audio's new interfaces.


ReAmping is a feature that appeals greatly to engineers and guitarists in particular. It enables you to send a DI signal through any (tube)amp after it's been recorded which offers even more possibilities during the mixing phase. It means you can tweak your sound in real time after you've laid down a track! This feature is brand new and available exclusively on the Studio+.

Extensive software bundle

When you purchase the Zen Studio+, you can register it on the Antelope Audio website. Once you've done that, you will gain access to download codes for the Synergy bundle, which consists of a series of high-quality delays, reverbs, guitar amps, and cabinet simulations by Overloud. You'll also have access to the full versions of the popular DAW software, Studio One 3 by Presonus.

Keep an eye on our product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.

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