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Antelope Audio Presents Three New Products: LiveClock, Zen Tour and Goliath

When it comes to the production of high-quality professional audio equipment, Antelope Audio is at the top of the heap. Discrete signal paths and other custom circuitry ensures the sound is always as detailed and pure as possible. This is especially true of the three new products by this top-notch brand, namely: the Zen Tour, Goliath and the LiveClock. It goes without saying, these three products are the crème de la crème of what's available on the market today.

Zen Tour: compact Thunderbolt audio interface with tons of features

What makes the Zen Tour so special, is its size, combined with its plethora of possibilities. On this unit, you'll find Thunderbolt protocol to ensure ultra-fast data transfer which means latency issues are officially a thing of the past. It also features a USB port and on the rear, 4 mic/line inputs. On the front, there are another four connectors with Hi-Z/line inputs. When it comes to outputs, the Zen Tour has 2 ReAmps, a monitor output, support for ADAT, S/PDIF I/O, and two discrete headphone outputs. The ReAmp inputs are especially interesting if you want to run the guitar parts you recorded earlier with the built-in DSP processor through a tube amp. That's right, the Zen Tour is fitted with an extremely accurate integrated amplifier simulator and professional guitar effects. You can also control the Zen Tour with a downloadable app on your smartphone or tablet, or using the intuitive touchscreen display.

LiveClock: synchronisation in a compact design

When it comes to master clock applications, Antelope has dominated the pro-audio market for the past decade. These extremely precise synchronisation units provide detail in your mix and space for each instrument, resulting in a highly enjoyable listening experience. Antelope has a number of impressive master clocks to its name,. including the flagship of clocking devices, the 10MX Rubidium Atomic Clock. Now, they have introduced LiveClock, a compact master clock that possesses all the qualities Antelope is known for, but for a much more attractive price, making it accessible to a wider audience. The panel lock feature is also handy, as it protects you from sample rate changes during live performances, for instance. Furthermore, it supports an SPLmaximum sample rate of maximum 192 kHz, distributed via four word clock outputs on BNC connectors on the rear and two pairs of AES/EBU and S/PDIF outputs. This makes it possible to sync simultaneously with other master clocks.

Goliath Thunderbolt audio interface: the new standard has been set

Antelope Audio's final new product is the new flagship of audio interfaces, the Goliath. This giant of an interface really lives up to its name. 16 Class-A microphone preamps, 64 channels, clocking, high-quality AD/DA converters, and MADI support are just a few items on a long list of this device's impressive features. It also has 36 analogue inputs and an incredible 32 analogue outputs via the MADi interface, as well as USB and Thunderbolt support. Just like the Zen Tour, there are also countless possibilities when it comes to guitar effects and amp simulations, including the custom effects, the new AuraVerb reverb. Integrated switching, consisting of programmable logic components, a.k.a FPGA, gives new meaning to the term 'zero latency' while mixing and using real-time audio effects. Your ears won't fool you - the Goliath is audibly the result of over 20 years of audio experience!

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