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API Audio Introduces Lunchbox Mic Preamp

API Audio have introduced their new lunchbox preamp modules at the high end of the audio market. These ultra-compact units come in handy in smaller recording spaces and (home)studios in particular, where space is limited. What's more, they're easy to mount in specially-designed racks that can hold them and provide them with power as well. With the 512v, API Audio launches a high-end mic/line/instrument preamp that houses the very best components and boasts a strictly discrete analogue signal.

Modest size, great performance

Besides the space-saving advantages of this compact preamp, the most impressive thing about the 512v is happening underneath the bonnet. The fully discrete analogue circuitry ensures that the original audio source is reproduced with great accuracy and with barely any distortion or noise. What's more, API Audio maintains the use of the very best components in their products, which is why the 512v is equipped with top-notch transformers and the well-known 2520 OP amp. Furthermore, a 3:1 output transformer offers the possibility to add natural saturation by boosting the signal. The result is a natural compression that gives the sound more warmth and dynamics. The 512v produces an impressive 65 dB gain for the microphone portion and 45 dB gain for the line/instrument.

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