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Apogee Mic and Jam 96k Versions Now Available for Windows!

After Apogee launched the Jam and Mic 96k versions for Mac iOS and OS X in 2014, they now present versions for both Mac and Windows with… a USB interface! That's right, USB! Finally, you can enjoy epic Apogee audio quality on your Windows PC or tablet! The Mic 96k USB microphone and Jam 96k USB guitar audio interface are compatible with Windows 10 and the latest Mac OS.

Compact USB microphone

Apogee's Mic 96k is a large-diaphragm microphone with a cardioid pickup pattern. The excellent PureDIGITAL D/A converter ensures a pure and accurate digital-to-analogue conversion. What's more, this compact mic allows you to record all your creative ideas on your Windows Surface tablet, Mac, or notebook, no matter where you are!

Studio quality on location: Jam 96k guitar interface

Just like the Mic 96k, the Jam 96k guitar and audio interface also makes use of the PureDIGITAL converter. The Jam is also equipped with a superior preamp that delivers incredible audio quality in combination with the D/A converter. Whether you use Logic's own guitar and effect plugins, or an alternative amp simulator, your guitar will sound like it's coming through an authentic tube amp. All the while, you'll be benefiting from all the latest digital technology on your Mac or PC!

Keep an eye on our product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.

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