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Apogee Presents Elements Thunderbolt Interface and Remote

Apogee, primarily known for their high-end interfaces for Apple computers, have raised the bar with the release of the Symphony, Ensemble thunderbolt and Groove interfaces. With the release of the respective Element 24, 46 en 88, Apogee offers us a trifecta of Thunderbolt audio interfaces that are more than meets the eye. The Element series is a powerful one, and is not a trio to be trifled with.

The best of both worlds

The Apogee Element series features all of the best components that can also be found in Apogee's flagship models, such as the Symphony, Ensemble Thunderbolt and Groove interfaces. That also means that you're getting the best preamps and AD/DA converters, and for a super affordable price at that. You'll also find Apogee's Advanced Stepped Gain Architecture circuit in the elements series, which produces a maximum gain stage of no less than 75 dB! Furthermore, a word clock engine is included in every version to ensure that the synchronisation between internal and external digital devices works optimally for the most accurate audio reproduction possible.

The ins and outs of the Element series

You can already tell quite a bit from the names of the devices. The Element 24, for instance, is equipped with 2 analogue inputs and 4 outputs. Following the same rule, the 46 has 4 analogue inputs and 6 outputs, and the 88 has 8 inputs and 8 outputs. However, every interface can be expanded with ADAT, SMUX of S/PDIF via a Toslink input and output, making it possible to get an extra 8 channels. The rather modest nature of the interfaces and the 'lack' of external functions on the devices is compensated for with an impressive software tool and app that make it possible to adjust all of your settings in a visually comprehensive manner. Apogee have also come out with the Element Control Remote specifically for controlling the Element series.

Keep an eye on our product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.

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