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Ariba, Ariba, New Fender Offset Guitars From Mexico!

Fender presents a whopping fifteen new instruments in the Mexican Offset series: the Duo-Sonic, Duo-Sonic HS, Mustang, Mustang P90 and Mustang Bass PJ, each available in three colours.

Offset has never been this good

Each and every guitar from the Fender Offset series is a true high-quality Fender at heart. The alder body and maple neck provide the basis fof the transparent, clear and funky sound that’s characteristic of a Fender guitar. The neck features either a maple or rosewood fretboard, adding that little extra sparkle or warmth to the overall sound. The instruments from this new Offset series distinguish themselves by their short scale length of 24 inches for guitars and 30 inches for basses. This short scale length gives these instruments a unique, distinct sound and feel compared to their longer Fender siblings. Each Offset guitar, furthermore, features a hardtail bridge that contribute to their solid sound.

Supersonic with the Duo-Sonic

The Fender Duo-Sonic is available in two editions: the regular Duo-Sonic and the Duo-Sonic HS. The regular Fender Duo Sonic features a clear-sounding maple fretboard, two Duo-Sonic single coil pickups, and comes in Aged White, Capri Orange, and Torino Red. The Fender Duo-Sonic HS features, as its name implies, a humbucker pickup in bridge position and a single coil pickup in neck position, giving you that little bit of an edge. If you want to get the most out of the warm-sounding rosewood fretboard, you can split the humbucker into a single coil using the push/pull volume potentiometer. The HS is available in the following colours: Black, Surf Green, and Daphne Blue.

The Mustang, the name says it all

The Fender Mustang is quite similar to the Duo-Sonic described above, however, the Mustang distinguishes itself by its pickguard, controls, and slightly larger head. Moreover, the regular Fender Mustang features a maple fretboard with two single coil pickups, giving this guitar a vivid and clear sound. The Mustang is available in Olympic White, Black, and Olive. The Fender Mustang 90, with a rosewood fretboard, distinguishes itself by its two single coil P90 pickups, which provide a rich sound. It is your choice: you can play it cool or totally rip it up with the Fender Mustang! De Mustang 90 is available in Olympic White, Torino Red , and Silver.

Short-scale, a real hurricane

Fender is not only known for their guitars, but also for their high-quality basses, and this Offset series would simply not be complete without one. The Fender Mustang Bass PJ features the best of a Fender bass in a short-scale package. This smooth-playing bass packs the punch and growl you'd expect from a Precision Jazz bass. The Fender Mustang Bass PJ comes in: Olympic White, Torino Red, and Sonic Blue.

The entire Offset series will be available this October. For more information on our products and prices, check out the product page.

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